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The folks behind Sandpiper Vodka Soda know a thing or two about making a refreshing beverages – after all, we’ve been part of the Nova Scotia beverage industry for years. Experience has taught us that if you want to keep people happy, you have to hear what they have to say. Quick to listen, we knew Atlantic Canadians were ready for something a little crisper, a little lighter, a little more refreshing – that’s when the idea of Sandpiper hatched. By combining the finest ingredients and taking the time to get our recipes just right, we’ve crafted what can only be called the finest Vodka Soda in Atlantic Canada. Hope you enjoy it.

Sandpiper Vodka Soda Zero Carbs

Zero Carbs


Zero Sugars




Low Calorie


Natural Flavours

Our ingredients and crafting process make Sandpiper the ideal alcoholic beverage for a whole host of people who know what they want. From those who are watching their carb intake, keeping their distance from gluten, minding their waistline or just those who are simply looking for something a little bit different – good news, there’s a Sandpiper that’s perfect for you.


*produced in a facility that processes grains.

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